Static shock

Salah Bouacha worked at Northwestern for 29 years. In 1991, he started with the cleaning crew at the Allen Center, and eventually worked his way up to Lead Program Assistant at The Allen Center. Then, on April 7, he was furloughed. Since then, the only times he was called into work were two days in August. On the one day he was called in during September, Bouacha was told he was permanently laid off. “I really enjoyed it so much,” Bouacha says. “I do like the work environment. It’s like a fami

51 lost lives: A portrait of the pandemic’s tragic toll in America’s nursing homes

Warning: This graphic requires JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript for the best experience. They had survived so much already — war and dust storms, cancer and poverty, lost eyesight, lost spouses, lost memories — and still went on to find moments of grace inside the corridors of America’s nursing homes. In Windsor, Conn., Johnny James ate chocolate bars with his visiting great-grandchildren. In Lewiston, Idaho, Edna McBride celebrated her 100th birthday. In Providence, R.I., Florence Tilles,

NYT's Maggie Haberman offers insights on covering Trump White House

New York Times White House Correspondent Maggie Haberman spoke about everything from her experience working as a bartender during her college years to the ways in which President Trump has completely shattered norms. On April 11, Hillel, Medill, The Office of the President and Contemporary Thought Speaker Series hosted Haberman who joined Dean Charles Whitaker in conversation in front of a packed room at the McCormick Foundation Center. To start the events off, North by Northwestern sat down w

Dillo by the decade

The (contested) history of how Dillo Day came to be. It’s nearly impossible to trace the exact origins of Dillo Day. This Northwestern tradition has taken many forms, from a pageant on Deering Meadow in the 1870s to A$AP Ferg on the Lakefill in 2019. Library archivists, and even the co-founders themselves, still debate its beginnings. But everyone agrees that, for over a century, students have been trying to find ways to celebrate surviving another year at Northwestern. The election of a May Q

Evelyn Yang, wife of Andrew Yang, comes forward with her story of sexual assault

Evelyn Yang, wife of Andrew Yang, comes forward with her story of sexual assault Evelyn Yang, the wife of Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang, recently came forward with her story alleging her OB/GYN of sexual assault. “I imagined myself as someone, being you know, like I would throw a chair at him and run out yelling bloody murder … It’s not what happened,” Evelyn Yang told CNN, recalling how when she realized what was happening, she froze. “In that moment I knew it was wrong,” Eve

Political Profiles: Fossil Free Northwestern

Who they are: “We’re a club on campus dedicated to divestment,” Fossil Free Northwestern (FFN) executive member Sebastian Gomez-Parra said, adding that the club’s goal is to get “Northwestern to divest from fossil fuels while raising awareness.” The organization is rooted in environmental justice, according to FFN President Keala Uchoa. Some of the club’s main focuses are to raise consciousness for what these terms actually mean and apply these frameworks to geopolitical issues while “trying t

Political Profiles: SHAPE

Last week Northwestern SHAPE introduced Sexual Health 202, a presentation "which provides an in-depth look on STIs, HIV, contraception and abortion." NBN sat down with SHAPE's director, SESP fourth-year Sam Berston, to discuss the goals of the organization, as well as their reason for joining. Berston: Shape stands for Sexual Health and Assault Peer Educators, and our main mission is to increase comfort around sexuality and also provide resources to deal with assault and to prevent assault befo

Political Profiles: College Republicans

Who they are: College Republicans is a conservative political club that supports the ideology of the Republican Party. They bring speakers to campus who identify as moderate, libertarian, objectivist and conservative. What they do: The organization mainly hosts speakers, debates and activities. The club meets once a week to discuss current events. “The organization serves to anyone who doesn’t fall into a solid liberal category and wants a space to share their views,” said executive board membe

Political Profiles: Wildcats for Israel

Who they are: Wildcats for Israel advocates for Israel as a secure, Jewish and democratic state. What they do: Wildcats for Israel organizes events to increase people’s knowledge of Israel and to help people become more informed about it. Wildcats for Israel hosts speakers who talk about many aspects of Israel: the economy, the conflict, the society, the culture and more. Most recently, they participated in a week long event called “Israel Week,” which was led by the Israel Week Board. Each day
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